Abadoned ships selling/recycling

May 31, 2020
Hello, have some thoughts about ships you find/hijack. For example, after the long battle there's left one working/half-working ship, and no one wants it, so you can take it and use as you want. What comes next is what will you do with that. I want to talk about selling.
For each ship you can get different amount of credits. It depends from it's state either it can fly(working), has not all trusters or controllers (half-working) and can't fly at all(not working/junk); bonus credits will be given if ship has armor, it's body undamaged in % rate, it has some working gadgets(gravity beams etc) and it's size(larger ship - more recources - more expensive).
Finally, after selling the ship, a special workers will also be able to buy it on station, and, after repairing or adjusting, sell it for larger price to players. If ship is working, you can repair it's body, it's gadgets or add some, improve something you want and resell it (also all players can buy working ships as was mentioned by devs). If ship is half-working, it's your job to repair it until it would be working and after that you also may add adjustments or sell it in working state(so it's going to be flying junk). If ship isn't working, it would be either recycled in materials or in working parts. The other question is if this ship is hijacked than you won't be able to sell on starting stations (the licence or something else will prevent it from selling). However some palyer-built stations will take all the ships (may be for a half price). Not sure what ship is someone's and you can't sell it or what ship is just no one's and you can own it , probably the licence would be physical thing so you can just destroy it, or another suggestion is the owner should find the ship in station and pay fee for rescuing his ship, so the economy system won't freak out. If player won't come and pay for his ship after a few hours/days from selling it to station, it will be resold from station or recycled into recources/parts, so the station will be able to sell it. Also, the station will always get income - it will pay less to buy ship and will sell this ship for higher price.
Also about the workers who repair/adjust the ship. There's two ways for them to get income - buy, repair and sell so the income is difference of buying and selling ships, or they will be paied for each repaired ship (so the station will sell the repaired ship, not players).
P.s. Not sure if this is origial idea, if this or some kind of this is already in game or someone already suggested it, but for me the player drivem economy system should be able to hadle such a thing as buying and selling ships. I only know that you can buy ready ships, and their quality can be bretty bad, it can be flying junk, but i don't really know if it's a ready preset or just someone's ship. Also i'm not sure what happens to ships after they get sold - stations get the income from recources they got from ship or they get income from selling the whole ship. The working ship is more expensive then it's parts or recources you spent to build it right?
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Jun 1, 2020
i think you can make a profession around this abandoned ships
give player ship that able to transport other ships, let them clear space around stations (at this point you need to determinate which ship is abandoned) and after transportation they also can disassemble this ship and get some money for work and also knowlege how things work.
Maybe some ruls like no parking in station space more then x minutes or your ship will be transported to impound)