Anyone think large scale warfare will happen in star base?


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May 17, 2021
Feelings are being hurt one way or another already in game and out that cause conflict in-game.

Smaller factions are being absorbed into larger ones due to a number of compounding reasons including but not limited to player burn and PVP feature delays.

I dunno who Captain Jack is or Red wood industries.. but there are already larger groups than that who would fight given the chance.

Currently no mechanics in the game facilitate PVP or allow it to be a gameplay loop. There's absolutely no benefit to current pvp at all other than pretty explosions.

The features enabling pvp to become a gameplay loop simply aren't in the game yet. Thus no one wants to literally waste resources in battles that have no benefit or reason.
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Sep 16, 2021
Hello ! Pvp schemes are created by the players, we are 3 players focussing on tech, and can tell you, the game is run at different paces between people. This game can be militarized by larger corps, sure, but good luck against small factions doing large scale ops. Hopefully thinkers like us will become fearsome mercenaries !
Large scale warfare ? yes, will be a mess tho.