Better Missile Pods


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Dec 10, 2019
I have two ideas for how to improve missile pods.

--- Idea #1: Small Pods ---
For increased customizability there could be more sizes of missile pods. I think that there should be at least a 1 or 2 tube pod that would be great for low-profile, or budget ships to carry missiles. I could also imagine 3 or 4 tube versions having a place too.

--- Idea #2: Customizable Missile Pods ---
To give missile launchers the most possible customization, make them single tubes that can be bolted together to make packs of whatever size and shape players want.

There are a couple aspects of this that I'd like to address. One is that these tubes could be bolted anywhere and would have a standard YOLOL wire input port, but also be able to connect to each other directly like ore crates. Second, these new launchers, being independent devices, might be cumbersome to control. To solve this, a new missile controller could be used to provide an easy interface between the rest of the YOLOL network and several missile tubes at once.

Please share your comments or ideas below.


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Aug 11, 2019
I also would like to see more variations of the missile launcher. Though I don't see the benefit of a missile control. The line of YOLOL code that actually fires the missile would need to name the specific launcher and the tube within the launcher anyway. Unless the missile control completely bypasses the need for YOLOL it isn't worth it. My version of your suggestions:
1. Single missile mount - A small pylon that holds a single missile on one end, can connect to a device mount opposite the missile, or a cable near the rear of the missile. Compared to a missile tube the device itself is extremely cheap and lightweight. Unfortunately the missile is largely exposed, can explode if hit, and when fired has reduced accuracy.
2. Dual Missile tube with Dual device mounts plates - A rectangular device with two missile tubes inside, and two device mount plates on either side. Can carry power, data, coolant, etc. from one side to the other, though it requires a device mount to connect to pipes or wires. So a single device mount can connect to this launcher and another device on the far side. An indefinite number of dual missile tubes can stack ontop of each other in a line.


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Feb 19, 2020
Customizable Missile Pods sound like something that fits the game's philosophy of "we give you tools, you make shit yourself" much better than the current system.