Excited to be here!

Feb 3, 2021
Hello to anyone who takes the time to read this,

My name is Catcrisp. You can call me Cat, or Crispy. I recently joined the forums and Discord as part of my application for alpha playtesting. I'm eager to play after seeing the trailer even knowing the game isn't fully finished and has many bugs. It looks right up my alley! That being said, I'm prepared to wait patiently for the release and buy the game when it comes out instead. That's why I'm here, so here is a little bit about me as a person: I live in the U.S, Oklahoma specifically, and I am a 20 year old computer science student currently attending classes full time. When I'm not studying I enjoy playing computer games of all sorts, from old school RTS and platformers or shooters to modern MMOs and sandboxes. I also love reading anything I can get my hands on, writing, and spending time with my family (Cats and dogs included). That's about all I'm willing to give to the internet at large but I hope it gives you some insight into who I am!

Thanks for reading,