Greetings everyone!


Community Manager
Mar 13, 2019
I realized I'm the only one of our CM team who hasn't yet done a proper introduction. Bad me. So here it comes:

Hi all! I'm Priska and I'm also part of the Community Management and Support team at Frozenbyte. I mainly work with Starbase but stepping in if help is needed with our other games or with other random tasks at the office. I'm in charge of Starbase Discord and I also made these forums (so blame me if something isn't working :D). I mostly work more in the background ensuring that everything work as it should, so I may not be the most visible of the Community Managers, but always happy to help. :giggle:

This is my first job in the gaming industry, but I have a solid background in helping people. Rumors say I have been working as a paramedic in the ambulance for a few of years. I also have some studies in the IT field, so I think this job in the Support team is kinda combining those two in a nice way. And surprise surprise, I like games. I'm kind of an all-eater in what comes to games, but the most addictive ones for me are probably Diablo 3 and osu! (I'm at the moment waaay too addicted to clicking on colorful circles). Additionally to gaming I like climbing, motorcycling (in the summer obviously), metal music and cats. I have two cats myself and their favorite hobby is to beg for food.

Nice to meet you all! o/


Well-known member
Aug 10, 2019
Heyo! You didn’t think you could mention that you play Osu! and get away without expositing did you!? I’m going to need a couple of your favorite beatmaps. 😁