Modularity of building

Aug 9, 2019
I was thinking about building in Starbase. I read about ship building/editing hangar here, so that mean, I can’t build ship anywhere I want. OK.

But my other question is about modularity of ship building. When you are designing your ship, does it have to be in this grid like space?
Like in Space Engineers, you have to build your ship out of cubes or pre-made slopes - 45 degree angle blocks etc.
375px-LightArmorSlope01C.png 250px-LightArmorSlope2x1x1Tip01C.png
OR, will be there something better? I was thinking about this cable tool - you could make your custom steel plate, just make outline where beams are. But of course, with some limits and bigger plates would be more fragile. When I’m looking on destruction possibilities, why not? Or would it be much harder for developers, to make it so custom and at the same time sooo destructible?
Aaand what about doors and hangars? I saw only hinges. Does it have any limitations or rules?

This is more for devs questions, but feel free to join my brainstorm. :p


Master endo
Aug 9, 2019
Afaik answer:
You can design and build your ship anywhere by hand. Ship editor/sandbox, if implemented, will only make it slightly faster to design (due to tools like symmetry, copy-paste, ect. I hope).

It seems that frame block need to follow kind of grid (intended connection points and 90 deg angles). But everything else (modules, armour plates) can be attached at any angle.

No custom armour plates. While I agree it's the best from users perspective, for some reason the went with pre-made shapes. Probably optimization or easier to implement


Veteran endo
Aug 9, 2019
Yea, I believe that SB liberated us from the confines of volumized block building, and wen't for a more Beam/structural model that probably has a degree of armour snaps to the frames, but not restricted to that either, because you can literally bolt stuff to your ship at will.