Some initial ideas for my ship.


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Aug 9, 2019
It's quite hard to design ship when all the knowledge about the game is based on screens and videos. But whenever I have an idea, I need to draw it. Otherwise it just circle through my mind.
So here's couple of design concepts, with some quick mock-up model done in Dream Car Builder.



  1. Whole ship would be around 20m-25m long, designed for crew of 2 or 3. I still believe that small nimble ships will triumph over slow fat targets.
  2. Front of the ship (blue arrow) indicates both the most armoured side and aiming point for spinal weaponry. None of fragile equipment (weapons, thrusters, cockpits) is exposed from the front, unless in use. High angle of relatively thin top and side armour mitigate most glancing hits.
  3. However, main thrusters are directed perpendicular to front, to allow shooting and agile dodging at the same time.
  4. I still hope vector thrust will be possible. In such case some of "up" facing thrusters can be redirected for forward movement as well as assist in roll/pitch. Center of thrust and center of mass are always in the same spot. Whatever thrusters aim at, or whenever cargo frame is full or not.
  5. All weapons are retractable, for protection when unused, mid-battle fixes, reloading, and disguise.
  6. Turrets are equipped with fast-firing guns (AC? Lasers?) against fighters or external components of larger ships. Each turret include gunner seat, but can be also slaved by the other turret or put into concealed front firing gun.
  7. Retractable rocket launchers provide necessary punch against bigger, slower or disabled targets.
  8. Frontally mounted cargo beam can be used both for transporting bigger objects, as well as holding asteroid/wreckage as single-use shield/ram. Side-mounted cargo beams allow external transport or disguise.
  9. High redundancy.
    All 3 cockpits (pilot, two gunners) can be used for both piloting and shooting.
    Additional thick plating for core/volatile components.
    Two maintenance corridors running between centrally placed modules (reactor, yolol, fuel, storage) allow quick commuting and at glance localisation of battle damage. They also space core components from armour plating, protecting them from surface explosions and making it harder to concentrate fire.
    Two separate power/fuel armoured corridors running along each corridor.
  10. Anti-boarding windows provide unobstructed view at almost whole external armour surface. Located in the sides and rear.
  11. Unified modular construction help manufacturing and repairs. Universal retractable turret boxes can be used on any craft with 2x2x5m spare space. Also rotor-mounted thruster groups are all the same. Whole reactor and yolol boxes can be easily taken out through cargo compartment.
I have plenty of other ideas, this ship is just a start.

I'm always open for feedback.


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Aug 9, 2019
I know. But I hope they'll change their minds.
Especially if they decide to add recoil for ship based weapons (which would be extremely cool). Then buffing turntale/rail structural integrity will be a must.


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Aug 9, 2019
Some more ideas. This time space whale.
It's an hybrid, modular non combat ship designed to perform multiple tasks:
  • Collect whole asteroids using both internal hangar and external cargo beams
  • Refine asteroids on the spot using rail-mounted mining-sorting-refinig module. Thanks to being mobile within the hangar, it'll move towards front of the ship, thus increasing refined material storage behind at cost of reducing asteroid storage in front. Constant forward motion of the ship will push roids into refining module. Depending on what's available, grinding, sorting, smelting and packing will be manual or automatic. Several small "forklift" ships will line roids in line, to remove the need of manoeuvring.
  • Transporting fighters into combat. They would be docked using the same rails and external cargo beams. Also storing spare fuel, ammo, parts and respawn stations (if available)
  • Cargo transport. Both inside and outside.
Ship characteristics:
  • Very little armour in the middle. Reactors and fuel tanks heavily armoured.
  • Durable frame along four corridors and main engine compartment.
  • Two retractable turrets doubling as navigation cockpits. 360x120 degree coverage each. Only blind spot exactly in front of the ship.
  • Additional cockpit in front. Or maybe front facing turret/cockpit equipped with tractor beams and mining laser.
  • Durable gate in front, protecting from space hazards (that may or may not get implemented). Also doubling as funnel for asteroids.
  • Grid of laser "teeths" at "mouth" for initial asteroid cutting.
  • Four maintenance corridors leading to the front. Equipped with windows for shooting outside at intruders (covers whole external surface except front).
  • Loading of both cargo, modules or fighters by slowly flying forward. Unloading the other way.
  • Size: quite large. Should be able to swallow most roids whole. 15x30x100m. Depends on how structural integrity works, how strong thrusters are, fuel efficiency, designated operation range, ect. Modular construction and lack of any devices in the middle part allows adjusting according to needs.
  • Crew: 1-30, depending of mission. Pilot, mechanic, forklift pilots (if mining), two turret operators (if outside safe zone), mining/sorting/packing teams (if refining), fighters combat crew (if used as carrier).
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Sep 6, 2019
Looks pretty neat and useful in multiple ways, it is clear to see you've spent a lot of time planning this. I honestly can't wait to see your players' ship designs in-game! I would definitely buy a ship named 'Space whale' :cool:


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Aug 9, 2019
Looks pretty neat and useful in multiple ways, it is clear to see you've spent a lot of time planning this. I honestly can't wait to see your players' ship designs in-game! I would definitely buy a ship named 'Space whale' :cool:
If you're ever looking for volunteer ship designer or tester, you know where to ask ;)
Sep 28, 2019
We should compair Ideas sometime lol, you have a lot of the same thoughts I have had about How I want to make my flag ship lol.
Oct 12, 2019
I belive they Said u cant put turrets on Pistons and stuff like that, i could be completely wrong and have misunderstood it, But i THINK so, correct me If Im wrong


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Aug 9, 2019
Another boat idea. This time much more in detail and following in-game modules sizes.

Light defensive fighter.

  • Small, around 9x4x2.5m.
  • Main thrusters (6 triangles) mounted on the flat, "bottom" side. To allow dodging by strafing and rolling while keeping guns at enemy and constant distance. Together with extremely small frontal profile and thick frontal armour it will be extremely hard to shoot down.
  • Cockpit and guns mounted on turntables/cradle. To allow switching between dodge mode and forward flying mode. Effectively acting as thrust vectoring.
  • Lightly armed: 2 laser cannons + 2 AC as base loadout.
  • Short range: fuel and rods enough for under 1h operation.
  • Cargo beams at the bottom surface allow use of oversized thrusters for pulling asteroids. I doubt they can be damaged by engines.
  • Due to flat profile easy to access all parts via hatch in the bottom.
  • Rangefinder-based collision avoidance. For dodge mode, when you can't see where you're flying.
  • Angled manoeuvring thrusters allow reverse motion without exposing them from front.
  • Full 6dof without main thrusters, for operating inside tight spaces
  • Rail movers on the bottom, for docking within space whale.


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Aug 9, 2019
Time for carrier/cargo freighter. Expansion of my previous space whale.

Mockup in Dream Car Builder

Main inspiration was Canterbury from expanse for the long main hangar.

But this time I opened it in the back, to allow easy dropping of cargo or rapid deployment of fighters. Thus I had to add space for all the internals and thrusters: sides got added.

Wedge shape allows top and bottom turret to cover with fire 90% of external surface (all except gates) which will help immensely against any boarding attempt. Just under them there will be firing windows for infantry with similar coverage.

So the shape if SW imperial destroyer was natural evolution, rather than direct inspiration.

All turrets retractable.
4 CIWS turrets at corners cover ~75% of sphere each.
Additional 4-6 turrets along top and bottom ridge. Dedicated for heavier guns against bigger targets. Plasma or rails.

Side turrets on the sides probably wouldn't really fit. I'd rather keep that edge heavily armoured, as it'll be exposed to enemy lines.

Around 70m long, 40 wide and 20 high.
60+ box thrusters main drive.
16+ box rcs
6x9x50m hangar running entire length of the ship. Front and rear gates.

It can serve as:
-carrier for 8 small fighters (Selkie). Possible rapid deployment at full speed through rear gate.
-cargo hauler (32 standard containers=384 cargo boxes)
-rocket artillery (32 standard rocket containers=192 rocket racks=1728 rockets)
-torpedo frigate (similar deployment as rockets)
-mobile refinery (see my space whale concept in the second post)
-asteroid/bulk cargo hauler (external cargo beams)
-fuel tanker (192 large tanks)
-loose goods transport in cargo frames. (I.e. ship weapons, small ships)
-exploration ship (plenty of space for any kind of equipment and ships, simple accessible frame, decent speed)


Those circles are turrets.
Blue lines are corridors
Purple reactors
Green fuel

Whole ship is built of 5 diffrent "grids".
Middle one (all the internals and ridges)
4 angled ones for surfaces.
Angled at 1/2 (~30 degree) angle using armour block as spacer.

Standard container:
2x3x4 cargo boxes seem to be the best choice. 2 allows access from both sides, 3x4 versatility of placement.
3x4 (4.5x6m) is also decent size for small fighter.
Out of multiple possible versions I drew two: cargo and rocket artillery:


Another version of my fighter: Selkie.

After some detailed drawing, diagonal rcs take too much internal space, so I switched to external ones, flushed with armour.

I also moved guns pivot to the middle. That way it'll be easier to balance with different loadout, and to protect ammo.

There may also be enough space for two retractable rocket racks. If rails can survive acceleration from 12 triangles on spatha-sized craft.

Picture with railgun on one side, but obviously you either take 2x rail or 2x AC + 2x LC

In case of AC+LC loadout, both will be under the same trigger, but AC with slight delay. To prevent wasting AC ammo on low-chance sprays or ranging.

6 cargo beams on top allows it to haul some cargo or roids. Need to somehow pay the fuel for all those thrusters.


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Aug 9, 2019
I got my hands on blender. As warm-up and controls learning project I took standard containers. The same ones I drew earlier, but this time using actual parts.

Different versions:
1. Thruster pack. Since all my cargo ships are designed with rear gate, you can replace the last container with some speed.
2. Empty frame. For future use.
3. Missile rack. Front gate allows turning cargo ship into devastating heavy artillery. This version is non-stackable (you can have only front layer), but there is one planned.
4. Standard cargo box
5. Cargo lock frame. While frame volume is only 3m deep, with a little bit of work can be stacked to hold much longer objects.
6. Modular cargo box.
7. Fuel tanks.

Size is by no means random. Making it 6.5x5x3m allows fitting it into various different crafts. 6.5x5 is also decent cross section for small fighter, so all my cargo ships can be used as carriers if needed.
Standard container.jpg

I also quickly put together one segment of heavy carrier, just to see the scale.
It's far from finished, but you can imagine diagonal beams being on all four sides.
Each segment will be 3m long, and fit 4 SC (standard containers). With 20 of those segments it'll be able to transport 80 SC or 20 fighters (or mix, depending on mission).
Rails will be separated with relay, and each segment will be equipped with yolol chip, allowing control over it's cargo beams from hangar, docked ship and the bridge.

All equipment necessary for ship operation will be located in the four corners. Top and bottom will hold bridges and turrets. Sides will contain maintenance corridors, manoeuvring thruster access, fuel and generators.

Most of the ship will be very lightly armoured. It's support ship after all, not meant for direct combat. Only critical components will be durable enough to ensure that no stray shot can blow up the ship.

Traditional Vasama for scale.
Aug 14, 2019
I like the ideas, and I think there is some real potential with this design. I just want to point out that you'll have to do a lot of complicated wiring among other things, if you want to have all three cockpits able to fly the ship. If you ever wanna drop by and have a look at Skyjak, I think you'd fit right in.


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Aug 9, 2019
Making several cockpit is easy. It's just naming device fields to match FCU + some form of cutting them off with network relays.

Those designs evolved quite a bit since I started modeling ships with blender. For more recent stuff visit discord, and search for my posts with pictures.

ATM I'm not looking for any groups. Once tge game is out I'll see if I need any.