Starbase Progress Notes: Week 17 (2020)


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Sep 6, 2019
Starbase Progress Notes: Week 17 (2020)
April 20th - 24th

Hello everyone! Time for progress notes again, plenty of cool pictures and videos this time around again. Enjoy!


  • Material purity features and UI design are underway
  • Balance adjustment: Weapon body electricity conversion increased from 500 to 1500 electricity per second
  • Balance adjustment: Reduced Rechargeable Battery electricity storage capacity from 20,000 to 10,000 units
  • Balance adjustments tested and configurations made to ships to support that
  • Furnace math reworked and debugged into a "final" form, it can now survive from possible design alterations
  • Inventory icons fixed for turret pieces
  • Design for resource net integration with inventory systems continues
  • Prototype options for Lictor fire control system updates worked on
  • Design for Company functions continues, Shared property and blueprints design, Member and Rank access pages and Job access design worked on
  • Design for armor color customization continues
  • Marketplace alley terminal placement has been fixed, it was hidden inside level art
  • Furnace ship testing continues, main goal was to test if the ship can handle all the mass of the furnace modules and fly properly
  • Autocannon ammo clip rotations fixed in Lictor, Veles and Lancer
  • Pre-cabled/pipe bolted modules worked on: plates added, new small extension module with 3 hardpoints (Wing prototype module), hatches added for main thruster module and buttons added for hatches in modules
  • Asteroid hauling ship tests underway, some issues found when hauling bigger asteroids


  • The rental lot content offset issue has been fixed
  • Hinge joints not opening/closing properly has been fixed
  • Support added for initial building limits for in-game structures
  • A delay in starting looped joint sounds has been fixed
  • Support added for pre-made ships that have autogenerated LODs
  • Assembly Job rewarding system issues have been resolved
  • An issue fixed where the first hit on an asteroid wouldn’t spawn nuggets
  • Thruster grabbing regarding converters has been fixed
  • Bugs in lot file caching have been fixed
User Interface
  • Resource Bridge syncing has been updated and support for selling material has been added
  • Feedback Tool’s keybindings have been updated and code refactored
  • Building Tool’s building audio not working when fixing things has been fixed
  • Spaceship Designer toggle button sounds have been added
  • Missing UI sounds and drop-down menu audio support have been added
  • The most of the lot terminal menu audio has been implemented
Spaceship Designer
  • Placement and preview spamming are now prevented
  • An assert that occurred when spamming selection transformation or when pasting a single bolt has been fixed
  • Group selection system breaking when returning from test mode has been fixed
  • Incorrect module LOD position saving has been fixed
  • Station designer's asset browser tooltips have been enhanced and localized


  • Ad animation scaling has been updated and other small issues have been resolved
  • Additional info ads have been added to market station
  • Welding Tool now has animations for welding and reloading (1st person)
  • Animation blend times have been improved between idle and movement states (3rd person)
  • Mid-air death animations are in the making
Moons and Asteroids
  • New rocks have been added to alpha moons
  • Ice asteroid materials have been adjusted, multi-material tests have been made
  • Snow and frosty rock materials for asteroids is in the making, multi-materials tests have been made
  • The positions and rotations of the largest asteroid clusters have been adjusted
  • Pipe Tool UV mapping has been finished
  • Tintcolors and fracture textures have been added to the beam fracture models, plate material has been added to the plate fracture models
  • Weapon turret assets have been finished
  • Flight test mode button icon has been added to Spaceship Designer
  • Autocannon and weapon body assets have been updated
  • Fogs have been adjusted
  • Cliff rock density tests are underway
  • Medium modules exterior decorations update is underway
  • Steadfast armor set's texture and paintjob quality have been polished
  • Market station’s shop decorations update is underway


Week17_Starbase_armorsets_steadfast_polish.jpg Week17_Starbase_asteroid_clusters_near_station_wip.jpg Week17_Starbase_asteroid_frosty_rock_material_02.jpg Week17_Starbase_company_member_rights.jpg Week17_Starbase_furnace_minimum.jpg Week17_Starbase_ice_asteroid_01.jpg Week17_Starbase_ice_asteroid_snow_multimaterial_wip_02.jpg Week17_Starbase_Innerdeco11.jpg Week17_Starbase_medium_exterior_update_wip.jpg Week17_Starbase_moon_xl_cliffrocks.jpg Week17_Starbase_ship_designer_area_and_limits.jpg Week17_Starbase_work_hub_1_lighting.jpg


As always, feel free to ask any questions regarding these progress notes!
And if you haven't yet, go add Starbase to your Steam wishlist!

Kane Hart

Veteran endo
Aug 9, 2019
I really love the Interface idk why it's so clean and simple but enough hint of style it makes it really nice to me. I think I enjoy seeing wording over tons of icons instead. I'm sure it will change down the road but I do like it tbh :)
Aug 9, 2019
Another set of amazing progress notes!

Quick question: Are the flickering shadows (@0:15 into the asteroid haul test) going to be addressed before CA, EA, or release? Its nothing game breaking but it does hinder the immersion for me a bit.