Update 13.1.2020 (Alpha 331)


Community Manager
Jul 22, 2020

Update 13.1.2020 (Alpha 331)

New features and Major Updates
  • Missiles, torpedoes and laser designator added to game
    • Required parts available in Marketplace and Ship Designer
    • Missiles and Torpedoes are modular, requiring only the fuel tank and the thruster to function
    • When building, add the Laser Sensor first for Torpedoes and the Impact Fuse first for Missiles, and add the thruster in last for either (order for other parts doesn't matter)
    • The parts need to be snapped together and locked using the slider that is part of the fuel tank (otherwise will come apart at launch)
    • Missiles and Torpedoes can be launched either manually (setting target speed and activating thruster) or with a launcher
    • Missile launchers
      • The payload needs to be snapped to the launcher and then locked from the launcher's slider
      • Missiles or Torpedoes can be launched by using yolol or a button
      • Missile launcher has 9 slots which can be launched separately from each other
      • With YOLOL, it's possible to rotate between each slot by changing the SelectedTube field
      • MissileLocked shows the currently selected tube's state (e.g. locked, empty, or not locked correctly)
      • LaunchMissile is used to launch the payload
    • Torpedo launchers work similarly to Missile launchers but only have 1 slot
  • 15, 30 and 45 degree beams and plates available from Marketplace and Ship Designer
  • Added new safe mode to avoid breaking ship parts with thruster usage if ship has durability errors (Settings -> Gameplay -> Ships)
  • Added new option for restricting hosted ships movement to within safezone (Settings -> Gameplay -> Ships)
  • Thruster Field Name Tool in Ship Designer
  • Reorganized Bank Statement tab
Known Issues
  • Torpedoes and Missiles are still very much in development and can explode unexpectedly or cause other issues, handle with care
  • In Ship Designer all missile and torpedo parts need to be bolted to the ship in order for the ship to be allowed to be bought
    • After this, the torpedoes and missiles would need to be unbolted, assembled again, locked and loaded into the launcher
    • We recommend purchasing missiles & torpedos separately from marketplace for now, adding them to the ship after purchase
  • "Torpedo Laser Sensor" and "Torpedo Maneuver Thruster" fields about thruster X and Y movement need to have matching names in order to function, but their default names are different
    • Rename the default names ("OffsetX", "OffsetY", "yThrust" and "xThrust") to ThrustX and ThrustY for example
  • Torpedoes instantly blow up, if safety is disabled and Torpedo's main thruster is set as active
  • Torpedoes and Missiles override safety with "TriggerRange" which causes them to detonate when near other objects after launch, even though safety is still on
  • Torpedo timer fields do not work
  • Autobolt does not work correctly for torpedo launcher or laser designator
  • Missiles, torpedoes and their launchers cannot be locked with their slider in Ship Designer
  • Fuel is continuously drained once the main thruster is activated even if missile/torpedo's main thruster is turned off afterwards
  • TargetThrust field is not carried over to universe if set in the Ship Designer and ship is bought
  • Torpedo and missile parts are prone to getting stuck together if collided or set too close to each other
  • YOLOL chips are not snapping to Torpedo YOLOL slots as intended
    • Have the YOLOL chip positioned so that it's clipping inside the torpedo, release your grip of it, and then move it close to the slot
  • Added empty fire animations
    • Assault Rifle (3rd person)
    • Pipe Tool (1st person)
  • Improved and polished several mid-air endo animations
  • Tweaked generic empty fire animation
  • Fixed unarmed sitting
    • Hands should not move around on lap
    • Added pelvis movement
  • Remote Explosive
    • Added 3rd person place/detonate animations
  • Fixed wrong Control Table Angle Support 45 and Control Table Stand 45 icons
  • Replaced medium bolts with long bolts in Ore Cargo Crate's bolt profile
  • Added missing bolts for Small Propellant Tank's bolt profile
  • Fixed unwanted planet music transitions near large asteroids
  • Removed Audio Signal Device alarm loop
  • Added new /rps emote sounds
  • Added new play and stop sounds for Audio Signal Device
  • Updated Rocket Launcher reload sound
  • Updated Box Thruster sounds
  • Changed /say channel color to grey
  • Added officer chat for company members with appropriate rank
    • Channel chat commands: /o, /officer
    • Currently only available for the company owner as adding the required rank permission to others is not yet supported
  • Minor edits to invitation and tutorial messages
  • Added the required parts for missiles, torpedoes and laser designator to the Marketplace
  • Added 15, 30 and 45 degree beams and plates to the Marketplace
  • Fixed Laser Cannon Structure Mirror's crafting materials to use Arkanium instead of Xhalium
  • Adjusted material consumption logic
    • Can result in small differences to material consumption
  • Updated material conversion logic from ore to refined materials
    • Can result in small differences to material consumption
  • Updated Tractor Beam FX to be more "stream like" and notably different to Resource Bridge
  • Updated Remote Explosive VFX
    • Added debris trails and "stronger blast"
    • Scaled FX to match damage area better
  • Corrected some incorrect directional properties to the Hit effect of several handheld weapons
  • Increased size of explosion effects to better match explosive damage area and added more dissipation to reduce "clumping" on slower moving explosions
    • Propellant Tanks
    • Small Fuel Rod
  • Fixed framerate affecting fire rate of guns
  • Remote Explosives
    • Explosives can be now picked up with "f" and "p" keys
  • Edited reticle colors, emission and bloom
    • Assault Rifle
    • Battle Rifle
    • Bolter
    • Gauss Rifle
    • Laser Rifle
    • Long Rifle
    • Pistol
    • Plasma Rifle
    • Rail Rifle
    • Repeater Pistol
    • Revolver
    • Rocket Launcher
    • Shotgun
  • Fixed not being able to combine partially full ore stacks that had been dropped to the universe
  • Fixed not being able to rebind several menus in Settings -> Controls -> Menus
    • CV Menu
    • Company Menu
    • Personal Inventory
    • Social Menu
  • Fixed lots on player stations not showing their blueprints properly
  • Fixed built bolts sometimes disappearing and being marked unbuiltable
Lot Designer
  • Changed "Station Designer" to "Lot Designer" in the editor switch dropdown menu
  • Fixed ore tooltips not updating when hovering over the same type of ore
  • Updated and reorganized Bank Statement tab in CV Menu
    • Matched transaction panel style to match other lists
    • Moved transaction text offset to the right
    • Added page buttons
    • Added min and max search bars
    • Rearranged sort buttons
  • Re-assembled Moon City
    • Added ramp slots
    • More visible skyscraper "districts"
  • Added interior and LODs to a skyscraper roof
  • Added LODs for multiple city sections
  • Modified some street decoration modules to make them look less hollow
Reconstruction Machine
  • Updated the model
  • Added built-in inventory for Endo kits (nine 1x1 slots)
  • Edited the description
  • Fixed objects and LODs appearing distorted
  • Fixed a crash while flying near the moon's surface caused by fading out model visibility
  • Fixed LOD related memory leaks
  • Improved ship LOD fading
  • Added new safe mode to avoid breaking ship parts with thruster usage, if ship has durability errors (Settings -> Gameplay -> Ships)
  • Added new option for restricting hosted ships movement to within safezone (Settings -> Gameplay -> Ships)
  • Added ship durability warning messages to chat
  • Added time thresholds to toggling velocity limit based LOD loading rules
    • If player speed decreases below 20m/s, there is a five second threshold before the player's spaceship hosting/loading limit is increased, and stations appear in full detail to them
    • Spaceships are not loaded in full detail to players if the spaceship moves faster than 20 m/s, unless the player either owns the ship or attaches to it with magboots
  • Fixed endoskeleton models lagging behind moving LOD ships
  • Fixed Cargo Frame's collision dragging behind in a moving ship
  • Fixed exiting Fast Travel with thrusters at full power leaving the ship to fly still
  • Fixed the game crashing after spawning a ship and immediately flying it
  • Fixed ship derelicts remaining in the universe if a ship client crashed after buying a ship
  • Fixed some ships duplicating when a fourth ship was near them
  • Fixed levers not centering anymore if Pilot Chair detached while rotating ship
  • Collisions now properly reduce cumulated ship motion
  • Improved framerate with large ships
  • Host changing
    • Players should no longer fall off from ships if host changes and the ship reloads
    • Ship LOD now remain visible to all involved players during the host changes
    • Fixes for ship host transfer failing in some cases
    • Optimized lag spikes during host migration of large ships
Ship Designer
  • Added missile parts, torpedo parts and launchers to Machinery -> Launchers
  • Added Utility Tool Body 2 and Laser Designator to Machinery -> Tools
  • Added launcher support parts/mounts to Machinery -> Utility
  • Added 15, 30 and 45 degree beams to Beams -> Special Beams
  • Added 15, 30 and 45 degree plates to Plates -> Special Plates
  • Updated old 30 degree beam names to match with new 15, 30 and 45 degree beams
  • Changed "Debug View" dropdown menu to "Advanced Tools"
  • Added Thruster Field Name Tool window and options
    • Can be opened from Advanced Tools dropdown menu
  • Moved Window Frame 192x36x24 cm to Windows folder from Plates folder
  • Added rounding up when calculating ore costs for less than 0 kv in Material Cost Box
  • Fixed selected parts losing their text color when hovering over them in Asset Browser
  • Fixed wrong dimension information of Decorative Plate A, D and E
Ship Shops
  • Added Rando 4 ship shop to Origin and Robur station
  • Fixed sprinting in ship shops showing only LOD models of the ships
  • Fixed not being able to buy Vasama at Elysium moon gate shop
  • Added new player-made ships to Okim 1 ship shop (ships by Okim)
    • Marmot-MN
    • Marmot-PS
  • Added new player-made ships to Okim 2 ship shop
    • Stibnite by Splet
    • Modulus RP by Okim
    • Javelin Mk.2A1 by Survivor
  • Added new player-made ships to Rando 1 ship shop
    • Colossus by Jimmy
    • Magnetar by HuangdiSpatuli
    • StarBreamCLF by Mutleyx
  • Added new player-made ship to Rando 2 ship shop
    • Taniwha by mrfontz
  • Added new player-made ships to Rando 3 ship shop
    • Gourami by Dukeironhelm
    • Nymph Tandem by Meboy
    • Swine by Kodey
    • X-Ball by HuangdiSpatuli
  • Added new player-made ships to Rando 4 ship shop
    • 10 Flying Arrow Stains the Sky Black by Barkhan
    • Aura-6 by Tatakai
    • Biscuit by joshki and DynaStar
    • CS-40 "Belka" by Abram from Argent corp.
    • Centaur by joshki and DynaStar
    • Draco by Dukeironhelm
    • Firefly R by MoonSet
    • Hypervan by joshki and DynaStar
    • Jackrabbit (Military Variant) by joshki and DynaStar
    • Jackrabbit by joshki and DynaStar
    • Keg by Mutleyx
    • Kestral by Arion234
    • The Longhorn by Happyboi
    • Midge by Mutleyx
    • Monarch Luxury Transport by user
    • Q52 by José
    • Termite-5C by DivineEvil
    • Tetracore by Xantex
    • Trident Scooter by Marki
    • Trident T1 by Marki
    • Trident T2 by Marki
    • Trident T3 by Marki
    • R22-QS "Astra" by Arion234
  • Updated player-made ships
    • Aelsa A
    • Alfrigg A
    • Bomburr A
    • Brynhild A
    • Bumble
    • Chemosh Ark I
    • Clownfish
    • Corsair
    • Dragonfly
    • Eikenskald A
    • Estoc
    • Euryptid
    • Eydama A
    • Fardagar A
    • Fornbogi
    • Fundinn A
    • Hanarr A
    • Heptifili
    • Heretha A
    • Herfjotur
    • Hildr A
    • Hype Van
    • Jordis A
    • Kreeft
    • Lyngbaker A
    • Mammoth
    • Merchantman
    • Notnagel A
    • Port Shuttle
    • Salamander
    • Signy A
    • Starbream
    • Talon
    • Veggr A
    • Volsung A, Volsung B, Volsung C
  • Moved player-made ships from Okim 1 to Okim 2
    • Mastodon
    • Midge
    • Moneymaker
    • Moneyman
    • Mover
    • Tricone
  • Moved player-made ships from Okim 2 to Okim 1
    • Bat
    • Mammoth
    • Merino
    • T3-A Vulcanus
  • Removed Sled from Sunny Shipshop and added back Vasama
  • Modified descriptions of player-made ships
    • Corsair
    • Myrmidon
    • Salamander
    • Widukind
  • Added descriptions for several player-made ships
  • Fixed Mover's description not appearing
  • Removed an old lamp column from Marketplace
  • Added Rando 4 ship shop and Refill Stations to Robur
Station Designer
  • Unified default settings with the Lot Designer
  • Changed the default placement distance from 27 to 400
Station Building
  • Fixed host's ore being used by clients when building stations
  • Fixed LODs of completed station slots appearing when flying far enough from the station blueprint
  • Prevented entering Station Designer while station resigning is active
  • Edited several texts in Ship Designer menus
  • Edited descriptions
    • Materials
    • Tools
  • Added tooltips for turrets and multiple items in Ship Designer's Devices category
  • Bolt Tool
    • Fixed being able to use automatic unbolting to unweld beams from ships
  • Building Tool
    • Changed Building Tool thickness multiplier from 0.4 to 0.1
      • Targeting small pieces should now be easier when building a blueprint
    • Fixed some parts consuming slightly more ore than what appeared to be missing
    • Reduced the amount of server request during material consumption
    • Added repair fail animation
    • Prevented multiplayer station building for now
  • "Receive signals from unknown players" option now displays unknown players when enabled and hides when disabled
  • Fixed station transponder signals disappearing after restarting the game, if player was far away enough from the station
  • Any workstation in Mining Job can be now chosen during Mining Job tutorial
  • Optimized ship LOD syncing related bandwidth usage
  • Reduced unnecessary lot and station save operations while building
  • Improved resource network inventory tracking


Master endo
Dec 10, 2019
Improved framerate with large ships
Missiles are awesome, but more frames are awesome too!

I'm also interested in the new LOD rules. They sound like they were inspired by the recent battle where ships would pop in and out because of LOD changes.