Update 2.9.2020 (Build 236)


Community Manager
Jul 22, 2020

Update 2.9.2020 (Build 236)

New features
  • Demolition Job added to the starting station
  • Ship Refuel Terminals to Ore Storage Towers
  • Cable and Pipe Tools can be used to build cable and pipe with Blueprint Tab
  • Material Tool in Ship Designer
  • "Show detached objects" button in Spaceship Designer
  • Added interaction animations
  • Updated move stop animations
  • Fixed animation states for sitting when armed
  • Updated icons
    • Grenade Launcher
    • Shotgun
  • New fly-by sounds for different projectiles and bullets
  • New emote sounds for Scorn, Neutral Bow and Cough
  • New energy weapon ricochet sound
  • New Resource Bridge connection sounds
  • Added Audible signal devices -option to Settings
  • Fixed pick-up audio not playing when an item was picked up with F
  • Modified Laser Turret, Railgun and Grenade Launcher hit sounds
  • Modified Laser Rifle sounds to match new animations
  • Set intrinsic value of bolt, cable and pipe stacks to zero
  • Reduced electricity cost a lot
  • Buzzsaw
    • Updated the hit VFX. New spark "cone" and much distance balancing and general tweaks to intensity
    • Added simple electrical arc reload
    • New spark texture
  • Laser Cutter
    • Adjusted the hit spot to more red and more of a solid core
    • Minimal tweaks to the glowing sparks
  • Laser Turret
    • Removed old projectile FX due to the issues caused with ship movement
    • Added new beam FX
    • Increased size of the shoot effect and added more force from barrel
    • Scaled the physical size of the hit effect to be larger
  • Cargo Beams
    • Fixed adding more Cargo Beams on existing cargo clearing power usage of devices involved
    • Fixed Cargo Beams from locking onto their own structure
  • Crafting materials
    • Removed Lukium from Generator required materials
    • Changed crafting data on kinetic weapon ammo to use either Charodium or Exorium as penetrator material
    • Changed crafting materials of handheld tools to make them cheaper
    • Added crafting materials to Furnace pieces
    • Adjusted energy pack, laser ammo, ship windows and several items and tools
  • Increased Small Rechargeable Battery explosion radius
  • Increased Vokarium Transformability from 30 to 80
  • Increased material usage of all plate types from 0.25 to 0.5
  • Fixed magazines disappearing temporarily when quicky re-swapping weapons and tool
  • Changed Rail Cannon not to create nuggets when firing at asteroids
  • Updated Work Hub holograms
  • Added descriptions for all materials
  • Added errors for Blueprint Tool
  • Changed Visuals -> Blueprints and Visuals -> Graphics menu titles to "Blueprint visuals" and "Graphics"
  • Polished multiple Settings menu related texts
  • Various edits to multiple menu texts
    • Company, CV menu
    • Death menu
    • Inventory
    • Ship Designer
  • New Demolition Job added to the starting station
  • Assembly Job removed from the starting station
Ship Designer
  • "Show detached objects" button added to top bar
  • New Surface Snapping option in Settings
  • New setting option for adjusting MUUS history size
  • Non-attached components now prevent buying custom ships
  • Weld bolts are now deleted when the connected beam is deleted
  • Separated windows from Plates to own folder
  • Modified overlap checks to skip if the action has already failed once
  • Added new separate category for window frames under Plates in Asset Browser
  • Fixed keyboard inputs staying pressed after unfocusing Starbase
  • Fixed Durability Tool and Building Budget showing different total "Voxel Volume" values
  • Fixed Twist Handle description
  • Added new player-made ships Rando Shops
    • Catbox by Senkii
    • Hypevan Blue Autocannon by Dukeironhelm
    • Hypevan Red Autocannon by Dukeironhelm
    • Protector by Mrfontz
  • Updated player-made ships
    • Arrowhead
    • Buffalo
    • Chalcosoma
    • Demetrios
    • Immatium
    • Kyanite
    • Magnus
    • Manatee
    • Manta
    • Mite
    • Moonfish
    • Mule IIC
    • Shale
    • Snowflake
    • Wing II
  • Removed Transferens
  • Fixed ship movement on ships that use multiple Flight Control Units
  • Fixed switching pilot seats jamming the input bindset to "Ship"
  • Fixed player unable to leave the seat or turn the camera if Alt was pressed while entering Pilot Chair
  • Changed "Mega Tugger" to "Magni"
  • Changed dev-made ships to use welding instead of bolting
  • Edited Manta's description
  • New Work Hub layout
    • Assembly Job replaced with the upcoming Repair Job
    • Job halls relocated
    • Landing and take-off platform added
  • Spaceship Shops
    • Added take-off options to player and developer Spaceship Shops' platforms
    • Fixes to floor decal weirdness
    • Lifted Speedstep in Rando Ship Shop higher from the floor due to bottom hinges colliding with floor
  • Rearranged Weapon and Ammunition terminals in Marketplace
  • If weapon/tool is in lowered state (resting), it's only enabled again by the primary action, swapping equipped tool, reloading, or pressing the toggle again
  • Build Tool
    • Material consumption now supports custom primary materials
  • Feedback Tool
    • Prevented screen capture from taking automatic screenshots when Max Captures is set to zero
  • Universal Tool
    • Fixed zooming being prevented while not in free cursor mode
    • "Total mass" in the Material Tab changed to "Total volume"
    • Fit more layers to the layer list in Blueprint Tab
    • Renamed Uncategorized to Miscellaneous in Blueprint Tab
  • Fixes to planet collision checks
  • Refactored asteroid material types
Known Issues
  • Demolition Job's ships have desync issues in multiplayer
  • Demolition Job's stat screen may show wrong information
  • Infantry PvP Station buildings have disappeared
  • Window frame material is incorrectly configured


Veteran endo
May 22, 2020
"Changed Rail Cannon not to create nuggets when firing at asteroids" - Nooo! That was so much fun!
Nice patch though, looking forward to trying the demolition :)