Update 25.3.2021 (Alpha 396)


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Sep 6, 2019

Update 25.3.2021 (Alpha 396)

New Features and Major Updates
  • Increased maximum station count per profile from 1 to 3
  • Ships now hover above the moon surface if the approach is slow enough
  • Atmospheres added to moons
  • Lightning added to the Asteroid Belt
  • Added Ship Diagnostic Scanner to Marketplace and Ship Designer (Devices -> Utility)
  • Material density now affects voxel and fracture damage depth
  • Massive refactoring to Cargo Lock Frame and Cargo Lock Beam related tech
Instructions for landing on the moon(s)
  • Moon landing is still dangerous and work-in-progress
  • Use a ship that you can afford to lose
  • Use a ship that is designed for moon landing
    • Ship must have proper vertical thrust, or landing/take-off will be difficult
    • Range finders are also recommended
    • From Ship Shop ships, Moon Midge from Oki 2 is suitable for the purpose
  • When approaching the surface, your velocity must be low; otherwise a crash is imminent around 20 meters from the surface due to a known bug
  • If your velocity is low enough and you reach the 20 meter altitude, the ship will gain hover and slowly descend to an altitude of roughly 5 meters
  • Do not land on rocks or anywhere in the city; that doesn't work yet
  • Some ships are able to land with a free fall. This is unintended and will be fixed.
  • You can tweak the hover altitude between 0 and 5 meters with ship's thrusters and it's possible to touch the surface
  • If you plan to venture far away from the ship, it's better to leave it to hover at 5 meters, otherwise it may break when it's reloaded
  • If you gain too much horizontal speed while hovering the ship will crash; take-offs must happen upwards from the moon and with high enough thrust
  • Do note that FPS currently affects the success of a moon landing
    • Under 20 FPS may get your ship smacked to the ground instead of a successful landing
Known Issues
  • Square shadow artifacts can be seen on Moon ground
  • Transferring ore between Station Storage and ship containers pauses from Item Transfer spamming, and adding single ores back to the storage during the pause stacks them to a single slot
  • Objects warp around in Ship Designer's snap preview if object is snapped from a snap point which is not visible in the camera view
    • The snap points can be restored to be seen through objects from Settings -> Spaceship Designer -> Placement -> Show snap points through objects
  • Forming very long Cargo Lock Beam chains can cause desyncing and resources to be drained faster than normal
  • Asteroids locked with Cargo Lock Beams can sometimes turn invisible to clients
  • Low FPS (<20) causes issues with moon landing

Patch Notes

  • Added transition animation to unarmed stand when melee animations end
  • Added 3rd person transition animation from unarmed stand to prone
  • Fixed issues with several prone animations that produced bad blending
  • Mid-air animations
    • Added animations for Remote Explosives
    • Added lowered tool animations
    • Polished mid-air tool animations
  • Updated multiple Small and Large Hall module LODs
  • Removed a floating hologram from the Moon City
Auction House
  • Changed the browse view to display the lowest unit price instead of the total price
  • Fixed "Open Auction House" buttons in Marketplace terminal screen opening Auction House from the lower part of the button only
  • Added new Cutting Tool reload sound
  • Added new Exploration music tracks and ambient tones between music tracks
  • Polished company naming rules
Demolition Job
  • Removed detached pieces from Demolition Job tutorial ships
  • Updated shipwrecks
    • Pincer
    • Vasama Vanette
  • Fixed Simple Button 12x24 cm getting stuck after bolting it
  • Grip Handle now works with multiple hinges if they have the same joint rotation
  • Added Ship Diagnostic Scanner to Ship Part shop
  • Increased Missile parts material costs by x2
  • Reduced Missile launcher material costs by half
  • Removed old windows from the economy
  • Added lightning to the Asteroid Belt
  • Added particle effects to melee attacks against other players
  • Added further visual and performance adjustments to Fast Travel Gate Entry and Travel VFX
  • Reduced Cargo Lock Beam's beam flickering
  • Maneuver Thrusters
    • Further optimized the effects
    • Minor visual updates
  • Added new /thumbsdown animation
    • 1st person /no is no longer available
  • Tweaked /slap animation
  • Material density now affects voxel and fracture damage depth
  • Fixed Remote Explosives appearing to Endo's left hand if a tool was equipped
  • Fixed melee damage to the environment lagging behind while flying in a ship
  • Fixed "Rotate facing upwards" bind causing small camera movement when pressed while looking directly upwards
  • Fixed player orientation change time
  • Fixed durability being calculated on objects that had no voxel mass
  • Fixed chain reaction explosions for volatile components (for example Fuel Rod, Propellant Tank, turret magazines), which did not detonate if the whole object was destroyed by the explosion
  • Improved the startup time (making the %APPDATA%\Starbase\cache workaround obsolete)
  • Fixed Derelict server trying to send too much data
  • Reduced network load when sending mail
Lot Designer
  • Updated station windows in Lot Designer's Small Halls, Large Halls and Hallways
  • Added connection wall decals to Hallway modules
  • Fixed ore disappearing when moving it between Station Storage and a ship
  • Fixed Ore Collectors not collecting ore if they ran out of power once
Missiles and Torpedoes
  • Fixed bolted missiles deleting the whole ship if they exploded from a sensor contact
    • Missile thrusters don't work after bolting them to a ship
  • Changed maximum TriggerRange to 10
  • Added atmospheres to moons
  • Added hovering behavior to ships approaching moon surfaces at a slow speed to reduce surface collisions for landed ships
  • Fixed gravity not affecting objects that were dropped from the inventory
  • Added gravity to most of the moons
  • Replaced some old moons with new ones
  • Optimized moon frame updating
  • Improved planetary geometry generation (results are now calculated quicker)
  • Flattened significantly CPU spikes that were caused by moon collision creation
  • Removed some frametime spikes
  • Refactored Cargo Lock Frame and Cargo Lock Beam tech
    • Multiplayer issues from previous implementation should largely be solved now (cargo will migrate with the host instead of being lost, for example)
    • Taking ships as cargo remains disabled
  • Fixed Plasma Thruster wobbling during warmup
  • Fixed a collision related crash that occurred when exiting the game
Ship Designer
  • Added "Utility" category under "Devices" in Asset Browser
  • Added Ship Diagnostic Scanner to the new "Utility" category
  • Added "Show snap points through objects" option to Settings -> Spaceship Designer (disabled by default)
  • Fixed Cargo Lock Frame not working properly in Test Mode
  • Fixed certain beam combinations being difficult to snap to center snap points on other beams
Ship Shops
  • Updated player-made ships
    • Avanti
    • Chess In Space
    • Dragonfly
    • Dynastinae Maximus
    • Dynastinae Minimus
    • GK-40 "Belka" (previously known as CS-40 "Belka")
    • Inanis Venari
    • Myrmidon
    • StarBream
    • StarBreamCLF
    • TAC Eclipse-CT Mk-002
    • The Sky Walker
  • Updated ship descriptions
    • Axiom
    • Barrow72
    • Faradagr A
    • Inanis Venari
    • Jordis A
    • Kestral
    • Manta
    • Mercury
    • Notnagel A
    • Po-8 Strannik
    • Talon
    • Tick
    • Tricone
    • Vegger A
  • Added ship description to player-made ship A-S-T-L
  • Updated dev-made ship Pincer
  • Updated Robur station to have up-to-date Marketplace like in Origin
  • Removed the sales terminal from Vasama at the Marketplace (so Vasama cannot be bought anymore, only admired)
Player Stations
  • Increased maximum station count per profile from 1 to 3
  • Fixed unwelded or welded parts disappearing after logging out
  • Edited setting names and descriptions in Settings -> Blueprint visuals
  • Ship transponders now use different colors depending on who owns the ship (friend/group/company)
  • Added new Fast Travel Gates between Elysium Moon Gate and Moon City
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Master endo
Aug 9, 2019
oh bigggggg HYPE!

If anyone wants to try moon "landing" the K-Bot Dynastinae is there for testing this, its built for gravity
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Feb 14, 2020
  • Fixed Simple Button 12x24 cm getting stuck after bolting it
  • Grip Handle now works with multiple hinges if they have the same joint rotation

At long last my old bug reports (near a year old) yield fruit.


Learned-to-turn-off-magboots endo
Aug 10, 2019
I like how part recycling is going to be handled... I was wondering how we would recover materials from parts that contained multiple different materials. I thought maybe we would only get the highest-quantity material.

Now it'll vaporize the whole thing, and we'll need to carefully separate out the mixed-gasses ourselves using (essentially) centrifuges before we condense them back. It's a wonderfully simple idea that will require complex engineering to work well. I love it!


Master endo
Dec 10, 2019
Ship transponders now use different colors depending on who owns the ship (friend/group/company)
I think that this will be so helpful for combat. Now I don't have to sneak up to ships to see if I can see the pilot's name or not.