Helping larger ships to be more viable


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Jun 15, 2020
I'd like to preface this by saying that this is simply my opinion, and it may very well be that I am wrong. If you disagree with anything here, or have anything to say on things like formatting, please do tell me and I will gladly discuss the issue with you and if applicable, do my best to fix it. Now as for the post itself, the reason I write this is because I've been lately bugged by a lot of worries about Starbase's future; The devs have created an amazing game engine and I really want this game to succeed, so this is written in the best of intentions. I know quite a couple of players look forward to flying capital ships with large crews and menacing sizes, and as the leader of a scrapping faction I personally really want to go wreckdiving through the skeleton of an enormous and once glorious behemoth one day.
First of all:
Warp drives: I like the idea of having a fast travel tool independent of the big warp gates. Here is my problem: If you can simply jump away the second you get jumped on is a bad way to balance the game because then everybody would just have big ships and small fighters would become utterly useless. Here is my idea: Instead of pressing a button and whoosh, make it have a charge up time. Also: I would make it like star wars: You dont travel really really really REALLY fast but instead u travel in a seperate dimension, this would make for a nice gameplay element: Having to actually calculate ur route to not smash into Elysium when leaving hyper space. This would also be less stressfull on the physics engine, since it wouldnt have to load in every asteroid and ship in ur way and do math for the collision.
Shields: I would like to make the shields energy based (duh). Like SC u could make it so shields fully protect against energy weapons (Laser- and Plasmacannon, i think Railguns fire actual projectiles) and partly absorb the kinetic energy of physical weapons, main example auto cannon. Now i would like these shield modules (the device) to be dependant on their size, to big to fit in any parasite craft. Dependant on their size should be their shield capacity. Like a efficiency module for generators there would be modules to increase shield capacity and shield recharge rate (shield recharges only when completely down). For deploying shields u could make it so it automatically fits onto the outer hull, or you have shield projectors, which are unable to be mounted on rotatable surfaces. Shield projectors share their shield pool with other projectors. This would lead to interesting shield management gameplay