Update 9.6.2021 (Alpha 476)


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Sep 6, 2019

Update 9.6.2021 (Alpha 476)

New Features and Major Updates
  • Major material update
    • Some items might receive materials not found on the Eos belt, and will later be found on the moons
  • Asteroid Belt ore distribution updated
  • Mouse Ship Controls
    • The first version, still a work in progress and we would like input from players
    • Player can toggle mouse ship control mode when sitting in pilot seat by pressing C
    • In mouse control mode, moving cursor is bound to default yaw/pitch levers if present
    • Known issues and lacking features:
      • HUD not finished
      • No bind customization
      • No settings options
      • No way to freelook while in mouse ship controls mode
Known Issues
  • Ore Collector and Torpedo Warhead have broken crafting data
  • Mouse Ship Controls requires the Pitch/Yawn fields to be written FcuRotationalYaw / FcuRotationalPitch
    • There is a problem with the local data in some cases. You can fix this by removing %appdata%\starbase\quickbinds folder contents (doing this will also reset all ship custom binds to default values)

Patch Notes

  • Added prone Universal Tool state animation for Remote Explosives
  • Added unarmed object carrying animations
    • Standing idle
    • Crouch
    • Run and walk
  • Polished rifle prone transition animation
  • Polished Shotgun animations
    • 1st person fire
    • Reloading
  • Pistol's hammer now animates when firing it empty
  • Fixed floating lights on a landing pad
  • Fixed position of Moon City landing and Spaceship Design Workshop slot far-LODs
  • Fixed city section foundation far-LOD dimensions and placement
  • Moved cable and pipe slots 2.5cm out of the socket in Device Hardpoints
    • Prevents snapped cables and pipes coming through the hardpoints, creating unwanted collisions on the connection surface
  • Updated Box and Triangle Thruster textures
  • Updated Mining Backpack textures
  • Added holograms to Moon City canal slots
  • Improved Ore Cargo Crate LODs
Asteroid Belt
  • Updated ore distribution for the whole belt
  • Adjusted asteroids to spawn 10km closer to Origin
  • Fixed asteroids loading slowly
  • Fixed Material Point Scanner not having proper sounds
  • Updated Pickaxe hit sounds
  • Updated Shotgun reload audio
  • Adjusted music levels and playing logic
  • Added a new music track for cities
  • Added grab beam sounds
  • Added Missile, Torpedo and Launcher latch sounds
  • Exploration and Station have now mostly different ambient musics
  • Audio Signal Device
    • Fixed filtering of audio sources outside audible ranges
    • Fixed some sounds that were left playing after the device disappeared
  • Removed Merkerium, Oninum, Ukonium and Tengium from all items
    • Materials can be selected in Ship Designer's Material Tool, but the materials cannot be found in the universe
  • Removed Aegisium from Duct pieces
  • Increased Vokarium Corrosion resistance from 200 to 500
  • Fixed hotkey "Ctrl+S" not saving anything in Lot, Station and Interior Designer
  • Added new shoot VFX
    • Bolt Tool
    • Building Tool
    • Cable Tool
    • Grab
    • Pipe Tool
  • Added new Missile and Torpedo launch effects
  • Updated Missile and Torpedo thrust effects
  • Adjusted infantry weapon muzzle VFX to work better when aiming down sights
    • Assault Rifle
    • Battle Rifle
    • Whiplash
  • Adjusted glow levels of Buzzsaw VFX
  • Added /dance5 emote
  • Mining Backpack
    • Fixed ores in the Mining Backpack slots not being consumed
    • Mining Backpack has now only two slots that can have ore in them
  • Fixed mining ore spawning too much ore to the inventory
  • Adjusted Shotgun reload duration to match new animation
  • Increased endo joint and limb health so that endos cannot be dismembered
  • Added Mouse Ship Control that allows steering ship with mouse input
  • Changed Fuel Chamber conversion rate limit change rate to 1% per second instead of changing it instantly
  • Removed Social -> Lots tab
  • Bank
    • Added localization to bank events
    • Added positive and negative search filters
  • Fixed feedback tool downloads randomly failing
  • Polished profanity filter
Missiles and Torpedoes
  • Missiles and torpedoes are now removed after launching them if something blocks their way within 5 meters
  • Updated Moon City layout
  • Removed Insurance Terminals and player spawns from Moon City and Fast Travel Gates
  • Adjusted multiple moon atmospheres and ground textures
  • Fixed multicomponent items leaving holograms to the universe after placement
  • Fixed issues of joints (hinges for example) disconnecting and dislocating
  • Fixed game crashing after losing host of a ship while being connected to Ore Cargo Crates
  • Added fixes to ship blueprint appearing slightly offset when activating ship blueprint for repairs
  • Added error message to chat if the currently hosted ship exceeds the Building Budget
    • Toggleable with "Show warning messages about durability issues" setting
  • Adjusted Ship Blueprint default values (Settings -> Blueprint Visuals)
  • Fixed ships sometimes refusing to load for other players when approaching in space
  • Fixed ships disappearing and being marked as Recovered if player used Insurance Transfer near own ships at player stations
Ship Designer
  • Fixed deselected module parts from already selected modules staying selected during transform actions
  • Fixed getting stuck after exiting Ship Designer or Test Mode if a snap point was selected
  • Fixed Decal Tool leaving empty decals on objects
  • Fixed some parts not being detected as viable for buying ships
  • Fixed levers behaving differently in Test Mode and when spawning a ship
  • Fixed Generator Small module not having full Fuel Rod
  • Fixed beams turning invisible after unbolting
  • Prevented moving ores to Ore Cargo Crates in Test Mode
  • Welds are now attached automatically to their nearby modules to allow the weld structures to be saved as whole when saving only root modules
  • Raised ambient light levels
Ship Shops
  • Added new player-made ships to Quasar ship shop
    • Morningstar by Kodey
  • Added new player-made ship to Rando 1 ship shop
    • Andromeda by Maximiliaan
  • Added player-made ships back to Duratech ship shop
    • Hanarr Mk2
    • Heptifili Mk2
    • Heretha Mk2
  • Updated player-made ships
    • Barracuda
    • Donnager
    • Kaiser
    • Momento
    • Myrmidon
    • Piece of Cheese
    • R22-QS "Astra"
    • Rutile
    • Sparkbolt Mk-2 (previously known as Sparkbolt)
    • TAC Eclipse-CT Mk-004
    • Xiphos
  • Moved player-made ships to Quasar ship shop from Rando 2
    • Wolverine - AC
    • Wolverine - LA
    • Wolverine - PLAS
  • Moved player-made ships within ship shops
    • Relocated Estoc to Quasar ship shop's hangar so that it won't clip into the wall
    • Relocated Lyngbaker A from Duratech ship shop hangar 2 to hangar 1
    • Lifted Demetrios higher in Rando 1 due to it clipping to the floor
    • Swapped TAC Eclipse-CT Mk-004 and Manticore due to size issues
    • Fixed orientation of Manatee and Moonfish in OKI ship shops
  • Updated multiple ship descriptions
  • Removed player-made ship Scrublass
  • Fixed Origin station area that was never loaded to fully detailed version
Station Building
  • Fixed Station Foundation Projector allowing non-station owners to unfound stations
  • Optimized instance area performance and outside instance player visibility (for example, at jobs and Spaceship Designer Workshops)
  • Fixed not being able to join to same session with players that used VPN
  • Added description for buttons in Universal Tool's Blueprint tab
    • Blueprint Filler
    • Body Durability
    • Frame Durability
  • Added "Tier 2" to multiple thruster related item names
  • Adjusted terminology in various texts
    • Changed "Warp" to "Fast Travel"
    • Changed "power" to "electricity"
  • Updated various device descriptions
  • Edited and improved tutorial texts
  • Prevented Blueprint Filler using parts from the ship that were built using Building Tool
  • Fixed Ship Control tutorial getting stuck at button phase
  • Improved Ship Control tutorial hint timings
  • Tutorial is now properly paused when ESC menu is opened
  • Allowed ship despawn timer during Ship Control tutorial
  • Moved Asteroid Belt tutorial waypoints closer to the station for the new belt size
  • Updated ship spawn objectives
  • Reward ship Laborer
    • Added more Ore Cargo Crates
    • Updated the name from "Laborer (Easy Build Modules)" to "Laborer module"
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Apr 20, 2020
  • Updated Moon City layout
  • Removed Insurance Terminals and player spawns from Moon City and Fast Travel Gates
my poor little ships over there...

Major material update
  • Some items might receive materials not found on the Eos belt, and will later be found on the moons
ok, time to aim for the moons from day 1 it seems^^


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Feb 14, 2020
Let us have access to the mouse hud file/folder. So we can create and use our own personal huds. It's a client side thing, so no unfair advantage, and allows the game to be personalized a little.


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May 22, 2020
"Changed Fuel Chamber conversion rate limit change rate to 1% per second instead of changing it instantly"

/cry :p